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Terms and Conditions

1. In this application and subsequent Agreements the following words shall have the meaning given in the rules governing the operation of the Membership at the Zest Club (a copy of the rules has been made available to the Applicant) in respect thereof save where the context otherwise requires.

2. The Applicant(s) acknowledge to have read and understood the rules governing the operation of the Membership at the Zest Club, and upon purchase of a Membership hereby agrees to be bound by the rules and regulations contained therein. The Membership scheme in which the applicant agrees to participate shall continue until the termination date of the scheme or cancellation of the scheme in accordance with the relevant provisions of the rules.


3. Applicant(s) acknowledge that all necessary clarifications in respect of the operation of the Club and the terms of its Membership and the applicable Rules have been explained and where necessary documents are provided.


4. THE COMPANY: The Company is Uppin Ventures, Partnership Firm Registered under Indian Partnership act 1932, who are the Promoters and Developers of the Membership schemes at the Zest Club and having the registered office at Uppin Farms, Naganhalli Road, Kalaburagi-585102, Karnataka, India.


5. MANAGEMENT COMPANY: The Club is currently being managed and operated by Uppin Ventures. The membership Scheme shall be operated by the Company. Uppin Ventures. The company reserves the right to change or appoint a new, experienced and competent Management Company without the applicant's approval but without incurring any liability, monetary or otherwise towards the Applicant.


6. PURCHASE PRICE: Means the total consideration payable by an Applicant to the Company, this shall be exclusive of applicable Stamp duty, Registration fees, Documenation charges and Administrative expenses for registration of a conveyance of the Membership's being purchased by the Applicant in the Development and includes Taxes applicable.


7. SALE: Upon the Applicant(s) completing all payments due under this agreement, the Company shall cause to be issued a Certificate of Membership to the Applicant(s).


8. EXIT OPTION: It is understood that this Agreement, upon, issue of a writer notice to the other party is canceled) at the option of the either of the this Agreement within a period of 10 days from the date of this Agreement, without assigning any reason. Upon the non-receipt of any such notice whim the stipulated period, the parties agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement thereafter and the Company shall not be under any obligation nor he called to refund any monies then held by it.

9. RIGHT OF ADMISSION: The Company reserves the right to admit an Applicant to the Scheme Subsission of an application by an applicant does not construe admission to the scheme by the Company.


10. ANNUAL FEES: Upon purchase of the Membership, the Applicant shall be liable to pay an annual fee to the Company. In the event of Default in payment of the same by the Applicant, the Company shall block the usage of membership of the Club by the applicant till payment by the applicant of the same.


11. RIGHT OF TRANSFER: The Applicant(s) may also sell, gift, or bequeath their interest in the Membership purchased by them in the Club to a third party, with prior written intimation to the Company, on the same terms and conditions on which the Membership was sold to the applicants, without the Company being liable or responsible in any manner.


12.OBLIGATION OF COMPANY: Subject to the prompt compliance by the Applicant of their obligations under the Membership Purchase agreement and its applicable terms and the rules and regulations of the Club, the Company hereby with the Applicant to observe and perform the obligations imposed upon it.


13. TERMINATION OF APPLICANTS RIGHT: In the event of the Applicant(s) failing to pay the consideration due under the Agreement for purchase of the Membership the agreement shall be terminated in accordance with the terms for termination as provided in the said Agreement.

14. LEGAL COSTS: The Applicants) shall be responsible for all legal and other costs on a full indemnity basis incurred by the Company, its managers in seeking to enforce the Membership Purchase Agreement in any jurisdiction or in enforcing this Agreement in any jurisdiction or arising out of any becach non-observance or non-performance of any of the obligations on the part of the Applicant) herein contained.

15. TAXES & LEVIES: Any present or futures levy/tax/duty/charge/fee imposed by state Union Government or local/public body or authority, (expect any levy on its turnover income assets payable by Company), on the applicants ownership of the Membership on The ZEST CLUB, mast be home by the Member or if paid by the Company on his behalf, be reimbursed on demand.

16. MODIFICATION: No modification of these Terms shall be said unless made in writing and signed by the Applicant and the Company.

17. JURISDICTION: The construction, validity and performance of these Agreement shall in all respects be governed by the laws of the INDIA. The parties hereto irrevocably sit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts Of Galbarga, India and consent to service of process by mail de in any her inner permitted by the applicable laws in force.


18. List of Documents required to complete Membership Registration:

a) 2 Passport size photographs of ham member each family member

b) ID Proof Copy Aadhar Card(mandatory) PAN Card / Driving License or Voters ID card Applicant & Spouse

c) Copy of Address proof

d) Copy of Date Of Birth proof of children


19. CLUB TIMINGS: 6:00am to 11:00pm

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